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Sometimes you need to hear it from others (only the one's I could convince to let me use their names, and, even those who wouldn't but still gave me a good review) After all, who would want others to know you are a skilled covert hypnotist? So as you sit there and read the following tesimonials, you'll see every reason why you should get started with Apply Hypnosis Today.


DISCLAIMER: These results are not typical. By law, I'm supposed to tell you what the average person gains by going through this material. I don't know. For all I know, the average person might just order the program, download it, go through it, store it away on their computer and forget about it. Don't believe a word I say, rather, experience first hand for yourself whether it will work for you or not. That's what the money back guarantee is for. If it works for you, great. If not, oh well. There is no-risk on your part by giving this course a fair try. You can always ask for your money back but I think you probably won't want to. It's powerful information. By now, I think you'll agree.

"I've tried other products and so far the info in your course has been the most useful I've found. I like your positive approach to the topic and application!" Disclaimer

"If you want to learn hypnosis in record speed - but don't want to struggle with finding the right words or formula's, get Nathan's Apply Hypnosis kit. Instead of having to sort out what works, you'll be met with practical applications galore. I've already started using the "Sneak Phrases" And guess what?... 6 people I used them on obeyed my commands. I've always been hit-and-miss in this department - (not knowing what or how to speak) - so I'm very pleased with the results. This kit is a godsend for anyone studying covert hypnosis like me!" -Monica Patterson, WA Disclaimer

"Hi Nathan,
Just wanted to let you know that your information and program are FANTASTIC!
It has made me completely rethink the ways in which I communicate with
others, and I have found that it yields results even in general
conversation. I will continue to use this to "hone my skills" at work (my
retention rate has gone up), and in everyday situations (people pay more
attention to my words and incorporate my ideas) in order to get bigger
things that I want, as this has a "snowball" effect-the more you use it, the
better you become! Thanks again, and I'll be sure to keep you posted with
my success!"

Dear Nathan,
Your course is too good to be true. I am stunned and amazed! Within a week of studying ''HOW TO HYPNOTIZE ANYONE''...May life took a positive turn and so many things were happening at once. I went on a job interview and the man who interviewed me said that he couldn't believe how powerful and persuasive I was. He chose me after seeing 17 other applicants. To top it off...My boyfriend of a year told me for the first time that he loved me and knew I would make the "perfect wife." Of course I told him that I knew all of the wonderful feelings and times we would share as he instantly beamed and agreed. I can't thank you enough. I've tried so many other books and self-help courses. Yours is the first that makes sense and works.
Please let me know if you produce anything new as I would like to get that too. Now I am a devote and loyal fan.
Thanks thanks and more thanks,


Hi Nathan ! First of all sorry for replying you too late.Actually i was too
busy with your book and trying it in real life and IT REALLY WORKED !
Positive Response rate of people dramatically increased so my success
.There's so much of information you had packed in your e-book that i wonders
what comes in advance package.I think your book is priceless ! I literally
suggest every person to read Nathan's Apply Hypnosis,HIS TECHNIQUES REALLY
DO WONDERS IN REAL WORLD ! It's just priceless.Use his knowledge in any
field of your life maybe dating,etc definitely you are going to have SUCCESS
! I love your stuff man !

"I have spent thousands of dollars buying information on improving my persuasion and influence. Nowhere have I found anything remotely approaching what you've accomplished. To me, genius is a quality that takes the complex and makes it simple. In my books, Nathan, you're a genius." - Howard Sax, IL Disclaimer

"Nathan, I don't know how to start thanking you for what you've done for me. I used to never get women to go out with me, and I had a hard enough time to even introduce myself to others because of self-esteem issues. Your kit changed my life for the better. Now I can get anyone to do anything I want them to. It's too easy, and fast, and it works, peroid. I now have so many girls lined up to date me, and love me forever -- everyone will benefit from what you teach. No matter the social situation you want more power in -- Nathan will show you how it's done. It's dynamite power -- covert hypnosis. I've read every book out there on winning friends, (WF&IP Seven Times) spent thousands of dollars -- if only I would have found your web site sooner, I would have been WAY ahead in advanges of the people who don't know covert hypnosis."  Disclaimer

-- James Cunningham, Tampa, FL

"After reading Nathan Blaszak's e-book, I landed more accounts than anyone in my entire workplace could only wish to have. I'm now the top salesman in my company, I got a promotion, I make three times the money I was making and my boss thinks I'm the only one who's worth working for his company -- by the way, he thinks that because I hypnotized him to... just don't tell him. I'm not kidding, if you don't have a copy of this book, I highly recommend you grab your copy immediately."

- George Laker, Financial Advisor -- Santa Monica, CA Disclaimer

"Shh...Nathan,I can't believe you're revealing these ultra-effective secrets in your ebooks! I'm a junkie for such stuff and have read quite a few books and guides on hypnosis and self-improvement, many titles you'd instantly recognize in fact, "Apply Hypnosis..." turned my mind inside out and upside down! I couldn't sleep a wink the night I read it, thinking and trying to remember every juicy secret that's so easy to apply! Nathan, you've broken the barrier to success with hypnosis here. Anyone who can talk and think will experience good results from your lessons... irregardless of what they want to use it for ;-) Thanks for making a difficult subject child's play! Your grateful friend"... Ewen Chia Disclaimer

"This is remarkable information, Nathan! Never have I ever had so much ability to make the audience laugh and partcipate with my public presenations. Every speaker knows the value of entertainment, and creating inspirational messages -- if they only knew the secret - do it on an unconscious level, far below the surface awareness... Then you'll have more participation and publicity than you've ever imagined -- it's like going from dud to celebrity." Disclaimer

- Tracy Miller, Motivational Speaker -- Kalamazoo, MI

"It's about time! After countless years of disappointments, I've finally come across an honest and honorable individual in the hypnosis industry. You not only offer exactly what you say you offer, but you should be selling your materials for minumum ten times what you ask!" Alex Trinton, Columbus, Georgia Disclaimer

"I believe this book "How To Hypnotize Anyone Without Getting Caught" is the best I have ever read. I just could not put it down until I finished it. It is a best to learn unconscious communication." - Allen Wilson, Albuquerque, NM Disclaimer

"You gotta be kidding me! Never in my life have I ever used something so powerful. Nathan's book is the best investment I've made -- I'm a saelsman -- great book!" - George Stevenson, Glen Allen, VA Disclaimer

"Author Nathan Blaszak cuts right to the chase in his hard-hitting hypnosis book. Nathan Blaszak will give you an unbeatable persuasion edge, regardless of your lifestyle." - John Spencer - El Paso, Texas Disclaimer

"If you've never reda this book, you're missing out BIG TIME. Read it now. I would do anything to buy the rights to his material, and take it off the market -- so you can't know what I do. You've gotta see it to beleive it!" -- Michael Chillington Disclaimer

"Whether you're skilled with hypnosis or not, this is one mastery course you can't afford NOT to add to your shelf." -- Theodore Thomas Disclaimer

"I don't know where to begin. When you first started talking at your seminar, I knew we were in for a special treat. The way you taught us was fun, and a few days after the seminar, I started using the methods you shared. My kids are listening, my relationships are getting stronger -- I even got my boss to give me a raise, just like you said I would. Thank you for your amazing spirit, and power packed techniques. I would have gladly paid more than what you charged me. Thanks Nathan, you're the best!" -- Patricia Woods, CA Disclaimer

"Please don't send me e-mails to this address anymore, I don't want my wife to know I'm using hypnosis -- send them here instead. LOL, your e-book has been the result of my increased sales at my job, and you make hypnosis very easy to understand and apply -- Believe me when I say, I'm one "satisfied" customer. If you haven't heard of Nathan Blaszak, you aren't learning from the source, when it comes to you getting what you want, from anyone -- just by talking!" -- Paul Baxter Disclaimer

"If you're serious about making a difference in the way you communicate, you need to add his e-book "HTHAWGC" to your shelf immediately. Put it in your brain, and do it fast." -- Joe McDonald Disclaimer

"How To Hypnotize Anyone Without Getting Caught belongs on the desktop of anyone who wants to make more sales and create more compliance without wasting more time just learning what doesn't work.

"Nathan's persuasion tips and techniques are like caffine that'll kick more life into your talk.

The 1st chapter on the 2,300 year old secret is worth 100 times the price you'll pay for this hypnosis book.  So use your mouse and click on the 'Order Now' button before your competitors, friends and neighbors beat you to the punch!

Terry Leonard, Jacksonville FL Disclaimer

"Nathan Blaszak is the only salesman on the planet who was able to get me to jump up and down, through the hypnotic power of words, and compel me to pull out my checkbook and shell out $2,398 in 13 minutes for a product.  In fact, his talk is so powerful I'm helpless to say "no" to any of his offers.  Many of the products I own today are a result of his recommendation alone."

-- Robert Worth, Investment Broker, Chicago IL Disclaimer

"Wouldn’t it be nice if someone gave you a simple formula that would show you, step-by-step, how to put your prospects in a trance — acting without question to do whatever you ask?

"After spending thousands upon thousands of dollars getting information from almost every hypnosis and persuasion expert out there, I can say, that without a doubt, Nathan Blaszak’s book is the best investment that anyone wanting pure power could make." 

-- Allen Christiansen, Cadillac King*, AZ Disclaimer

"Until I took this course, I never understood the insider secrets that can turn even the most skeptical prospect into an eager buyer.  Now I have a supercharged arsenal of stealth hypnotic strategies that allows me to quickly talk hypnotically not only personally, but also in writing ... a complete covert hypnosis toolkit!

The information in the Covert Hypnosis Mastery Course will easily make me thousands of dollars over the coming year. I would have gladly paid 3, 4, even 5 times what he charged to have this invaluable  information." 

-- Allen Richards, Car Sales FL Disclaimer


"When I came to your site "Apply Hypnosis " on the web I bought into your offer that same day. Boy and I glad I did. Of all the things I have bought over the web on covert hypnosis, yours is definately the most valuable and applicable. I was hypnotizing others covertly within minutes after I read your secrets. I highly recommend your product to my sales associates a -- great stuff!"

-Allen Pierce, SC Disclaimer

"Apply Hypnosis is wonderful. I've studied and researched hypnosis, NLP, and
many seduction systems, yet I ended up completely overwhelmed with the
information. I was never able to put it all together until I studied your
system. I feel Apply Hypnosis will improve my covert communication and
persuasion tremendously. I'm still undecided on the ethics of using this
stuff on people; it's just too easy!

Thanks for a wonderful program!"

-N.H. Florida Disclaimer

"I read over the materials and decided to try the bonding pattern with present
and future as the theme...I got 3 phone calls and 2 IM's in the same day from
the lady I tried it on...I realize this stuff works well with the spoken word but
because I write a lot I am more interested in the written hypnotic
I am very pleased to see this is working...any tips of making my writing even
more hypnotic and persuasive...If you want to sell more,get more women or
men in your life then I suggest you get Apply Hypnosis and study it and use it.
I know this will change your life..."

Thanks Nathan

"After reading through your books, I have to say that I am really impressed. There is an incredible amount of detail, and I had to study carefully everything you wrote to glean as much as I could from your insights and examples. I am now confident that I will be able to get everything I deserve in life now that I know this stuff."

A.T. - Michigan Disclaimer

"Recently I ran into an old friend who I had lost contact with. In the
past I had attempted to get her to go out on a date with me a few times, all unsuccessful. She informed me now that she would like to keep in contact, but stressed that she would never ever consider going out on a date with me so I
shouldn't get any ideas about that. The next few encounters with her she reinforced her declaration about how she was not interested in dating me at all. A couple
of weeks ago she rang because she was bored and wanted to know if I had
any stories I could tell her to keep her amused.

Having just completed reading the Apply Hypnosis material I saw this as
a great chance to to utilize some of the techniques with little chance of getting caught, after all they were just stories right? At first it seemed I had not achieved any thing,

But over the next week I kept hearing from other friends how she had
been turning up at places she was likely to run into me and asking when I would be around. Soon after she called on the pretense of wanting to hear more stories,
but quickly asked me out on a date. A few stories later and she was dropping not so subtle hints about how I might find myself "getting lucky" on the date. The night of the date came along and few more carefully planned stories later and I did get lucky. It worked like a charm!"

- C.W. -Australia Disclaimer

"Hi Nathan,

Thanks for the course, it is really informative and unlike most of the others it explains the processes invovled instead of just being vague about everything.

I think I will have to read the book another 2-3 times before I fully take all of the knowledge in!.

I would appreciate it if I could arrange to pay for anymore products you have as I bought only the book.

Thanks in advance,"


"I am learning some of the techniques on the course in order to help my communication in business. I am finding that I have been able to connect much more directly with clients and I believe that it has also helped me to write better written sales copy. You could say that it is guaranteed to make a huge impact on your personal level of success. These techniques are applicable in every interaction that we make. I find that I am getting a better reaction from people already, and I have only just scratched the surface of what is possible."



Nathan, I am happy to share my early results.

Having only had the materials for about 2 weeks, I have only been able to apply small parts. My first efforts where in trying to persuade my 17 year son, who has his own ideas about appropriate dress, appearances, and the general state of disarray of his room. Our discussions often ended with heated words and hurt feelings, so I attempted to use several of the power words in our most recent conversation, such as Challenge, Bonanza, Avoid Disappointment. While he didn't immediately go cut his hair and clean his room, I could tell from his tone and responses, that his mind was working in a different way and we didn't end up screaming at each other. I am anxious to continue along these lines as I become more familiar with the material and confident in my ability to use it. My work is in Telephone Sales and am currently interjecting some of the phrases and Power Words into my script and am excited by the initial responses. I will keep you posted on my results.

Nashville, TN

dear Nathan, First i want to say thank you for putting together a truly valuable source of information It definately is worth much more than anything that i own house and car included. If anyone is considering ordering it do it today. My eyes have truly been opened. Also its funny now im winning every argument that i get into thanks again. Disclaimer

When I first received Nathan's material, I thought it covered NLP techniques I had previously learned. Well it does but you learn much more! You will find two techniques invaluable; IU and storytelling have been particularly successful and simple to use. However, I am not even half way through the material and already see the wealth of value. Like anything you have to put these techniques into practice but you will be amazed at the results. Simple, effective and just what you need whether selling, influencing family, colleagues, you can use it for absolutely anything.

~Deborah Smith, Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Disclaimer

Having bought many covert courses in the past few years, your styling and delivery has made Apply Hypnosis my favorite. Great stuff, thanks for doing what you do and enlightening the rest of us. Can't wait to get your video... Take Care,

- Jason

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