No matter what you look like,
or how much money you haveÖ

ďSay 355 magic words, and make women want to be with you more than any other man on the face of the earth!Ē

... and why you better know these proven words or else
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By Nathan Blaszak
(Director of Apply Hypnosis center.)

If you want women Ė no matter how beautiful they are, to feel magnetically drawn to you, want to spend every waking moment with you, and think about you all the time when youíre not even around, then you need to learn this hypnotic script.

It happens all the timeÖ

Guy wants girl, and girl only wants to be "friends."

Sound at all familiar?

Maybe not. Maybe you think you look ok, and you make enough money to attract beautiful women. Maybe you think you can attract women fine. Maybe youíre rich and gorgeous and you donít think you need this.

Of course, until some average looking guy with no money to his name comes along and outright steals your girlfriend!

How you ask?

With the: Make Women Feel Incredibly Connected and Totally Drawn To You Ė hypnotic script.

Donít believe me?

Yes, I understand that itís hard to believe that ten little paragraphs of words can give any man no matter what he looks like, or his wallet size, the ability to literally make beautiful women drop everything to be with him.

Mike felt the same way. He came to me wanting to know how to improve his odds of success with women. He struggled with getting women to think of him in any other way than ďjust friends.Ē

And Mike will admit that heís not good looking. He even drives around an old beat up Dodge Neon with rust all over it, a crack in his windshield, and the front bumper missing.

Does this bother him? Well, it used to, but not anymore.

Today, he can literally walk up to any woman, wearing anything, smelling like strait body odor if he wanted, say 355 magic words and make the woman heís talking to forget about being with any other man other than him.

Four years ago it wasnít this way for him. He came to me out of pure desperation because he knew I had over 6 different drop-dead-gorgeous girlfriends at that time, and that I had a bag of tricks up my sleeve.

That day, he happened to catch me in a sympathetic mood. So I flipped through my journal, made him a copy of my personal and very private hypnotic script Make Women Feel Incredibly Connected and Totally Drawn To You, and told him to memorize it, and say it to women.

Now at that time, he had no idea what a hypnotic script was. So I explained to him that it was simply a set of magical words that hypnotize the woman in person, over the phone, and in writing.

Take your pick which way you want to use it, and just use it. So he did. And he was flabbergasted!

Hereís what he has to say about my private hypnotic script:

ďI live in a small town so the pickiní is slim. Iíve personally used this script to steal 27 girlfriends from guys. I donít care who he is. If I want her, I know I can have her. Itís only 355 words away!Ē

Need I say more?

I donít care if youíre married, ugly, cute, tall, smart, good looking, fat, bald, flat out broke or anywhere in-between. You need this script. No man should be without it. Itíll work for you.

When you decide to order my script, hereís what youíre getting: a simple little three page e-book with 355 words in it thatíll change the way women respond to you forever. Once your payment is cleared, youíll be taken to a page where you can download it instantly. †

And if you respond right away, and because itís absolutely necessary every man have this script, Iím going to give you a:

FREE BONUS Mp3 audio download: Youíll listen to me say this pattern, the way itís supposed to be said. So rest assured youíll be absolutely certain youíre using this pattern, and youíre not making the mistakes most men make when saying.

Thatís fair and simple enough, donít you think?

So how much is this worth to you?

Look at her. This is the woman Iím with now. How much would it be worth to you to have a woman like her in your life ready to spend the rest of eternity with you? A $1,000? $50,000? $1,000,000?

Most men agree that a woman like this in your life is priceless. By now, I think youíll agree.

But so you think of every reason to say YES today, Iíll let you in on my little secret for only $13.97

Thatís less than a dinner for you let alone both you and your next lover to be.

Why so low? This is a special deal I'm giving to my subscribers first. It won't last more than a week, and the price shoots up considerably. Act on this deal!

And when you decide to order now , Iíll give you a:

100% No -- Questions -- Asked
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Download the script today. If you arenít convinced that this one script will change the way women respond to you forever, then let me know in 30 days and Iíll give you your money back. Itís that simple.

So donít decide now, just download the program today and let me show you the most powerful way to steal a womanís heart. If you hate it, you can ask for your money back. You wonít hate it.

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Nathan Blaszak

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