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Self-Hypnosis: Many people underestimate the power of their subconscious mind when it is an incredible tool that can be used to manifest what we desire, to develop new skills, and increase performance. Self-hypnosis is simply learning proven strategies to relax the body, relax the mind, and to suggest for the "inner mind" positive "is now" statements so that they might become true in the future.

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Covert Hypnosis: Want more power but don't know where to begin? Confused by NLP terminology? Want to achieve secret control over others? Now you can with covert and conversational hypnosis and mind control techniques so you can secretly hypnotize people and make them do what you want (and they will never know!).

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Clinical Hypnosis: Lack confidence as a hypnotist? Need hypnosis scripts? Want some shortcuts? Maybe you need a LOT more clients? Here are our proven clinical hypnosis best practices and business building strategies. Includes our common sense "supply and demand" marketing and sales strategies plus business plans that typically creates waiting lists of clients for you and your practice, and demands much, MUCH higher cost per client (hey! When you're good, you're good.) Discover how to insure your clients get results because you actually help them, but potentially have everyone lining up out the door for your services as well!

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