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How To Quickly Manifest Your Mental Images In 4 Easy Steps

Dear Friend,

If you’d like to discover an easy, fast way to at least double your ability to get more of what you want than you are right now with the power of your subconscious mind, I can show you exactly how to do it.

This is something I’ve studied and mastered since 1995 and have been showing others on the internet how to do the same since 2003.

I started out with horrible results just like you.

See if this sounds familiar?

  • I had no money.
  • I couldn’t attract lovers.
  • People wouldn’t see “my way”.
  • I was laughed at and not taken seriously.
  • I didn’t get the respect I deserved.
  • Nobody thought I was “cool”.
  • I wasn’t popular.
  • Nobody wanted to let me into their “circle.”
  • I drove people away with my personality.
  • I had no skills in sales or negotiations.
  • I found myself in a TON of arguments with people.
  • Many made fun of me either to my face or behind my back.
  • I stuttered when I talked.
  • I developed bad and unhealthy habits and attitudes.
  • People in general seemed to just think that I was, well, a loser.

Then I discovered how to at least double the results of my ability to change my life effectively using the power of my subconscious mind. Then, I doubled it again.

This took just a few days once I put the right elements into place.

Here were the results…

  • I started attracting beautiful women who adored me (Dated over 362 of them!).
  • I could quickly resolve any disagreements or arguments.
  • I went from little or no friends to literally surrounding myself with geniuses and loyal friends and followers.
  • I went from earning practically no money to learning how to quickly and easily sell just about anything and building wealth (earning millions of dollars in sales).

I’ve also helped 11,356 other people do the same thing with their own communication so far -- AND ... by the time you read this, the number will be even higher.


  • Step 1: Align With Your Invisible Subconscious Power
  • Step 2: Visualize What You Desire To Manifest
  • Step 3: Imprint What You Visualize With The Spoken Word
  • Step 4: Believe It Is Already Here (The "Real" secret to manifestation!)

Step 1: Align With Your Invisible Subconscious Power

Realize that anything you “visualize” for yourself is possible. If it weren’t, then you couldn’t possibly visualize it.

Whatever has happened in your past is over. The only time is right now. Past and future time is an illusion -- i.e. Whenever something happened to you before, it happened in the moment of right now, and whatever happens to you in the future, happens in the moment of right now.

It is NOT possible to attract things “to” you through visualization.

What is possible, however, is manifesting what you visualize through you.

The only way this happens is by believing that you are in direct connection to the divine that works through you to provide through you everything you’ve ever wanted already, and all you have to do is ask and believe and it will be given to you.

If you do not have confidence in your ability to create, consider memorizing the following paragraph:

“My mind is a center of divine operation. The divine operation is always for expansion and fuller expression, and this means the production of something beyond what has gone before, something entirely new, not included in the past experience. Though proceeding out of it by an orderly sequence of growth. Therefore, consequently, in my own special world, of which I am the center, it will move forward to produce new conditions, always in advance of any that have gone before.”

Repeat this paragraph often.

Ponder the meaning of it.

Meditate on it.

When you do, you will discover the invisible power within you to manifest anything you desire.

Step 2: Visualize What You Desire To Manifest

It matters not one bit what it is that you desire to manifest.

If you want more influence, more friends, lovers, sales, or just happiness, wealth, better health, and freedom, it’s available to you through visualization.

Sit down and write out:

  • The circumstance of what you would like to experience.
  • The quality of the relationship.
  • The quality of the other(s) in the relationship.
  • What qualities you will contribute to the relationship.

It is well known that most of any person's problems socially comes from their inability to visualize what they wish to have socially.

Instead, they replay images of being heckled, disrespected, laughed at, teased, made fun of or being rejected.

Even if the person is not aligned with their invisible power, the invisible power still works through them to create the images that are impressed into the 4th dimension to make real.

This is how visualization works! It … just works!

What you visualize, you materialize -- whether it is by default or by intentional design.

That’s why you want you begin to see yourself surrounded with money, in good health, and those who you believe would be of best interest to you, your character, and personality.

The alternative is you can drive yourself frustrated if you continue to believe that negative thinking will somehow bring about a positive life.

For a person wishing to attract a loving relationship, see yourself being loved by someone. Visualize the qualities of the relationship. See the qualities of the person -- what they look like, how they sound, their personality, and begin to imagine as if that person is there, with you, already.

Sense their presence.

Notice what it is like to be them as you look out through their eyes.

Feel their love for you.

Reciprocate that love back out through your own eyes and feeling.

Feel grateful that the invisible power is working through you to bring that person into an actual real world encounter.

This same exercise can of course be used to attract more money, clients, customers, prospects, friends, and loved ones.

Just remember to draw that “visualized” charged energy inside of you so you can carry that vibration around with you so you can attract it to you -- AND … to be driven away from who or what you don’t want to attract!

Step 3: Imprint What You Visualize With The Spoken Word

Indeed, our thought loops that occur in the background can either support us or keep us stuck.

Knowing that you are aligned with your invisible power you can always allow it to wash away any feeling or thought that must not exist to the divine nature itself.

Therefore, when you visualize the outcome that you would like to achieve, know that it is already in the process of becoming true, and repeat out loud words like “thank you” “I love you” “here now, here now” etc.

A person, for example, can visualize a client in their mind as already in their life and repeating “thank you, money!” “Thank you, money!” “Money! Money! Money!” “Amazing client(s)!”

It isn’t necessary to use long winded sentences.

Just repeat words that mean what you visualize and what you visualize means to you.

This empowers and strengthens your visualization many times over.

It’s a very simple but it will increase the charge of your vibration.

Step 4: Believe it is Already Here

Just connecting to the divine and knowing your invisible power is often enough to get in tune with your ability to create anything you visualize.

-- HOWEVER … people often mistake thinking that they must follow certain pathways to get what they desire when they are better off allowing what they visualize to manifest “how” it does without any worry, doubt, fear, disbelief or assumption that it must happen a certain way.

No doubt, if you were to visualize meeting a romantic partner who loves you dearly, any skill, knowledge, or technique that you may need to develop in order to become more attractive will surely manifest itself as you patiently continue to visualize what it is that you desire with enthusiasm and gratitude.

Consider this: “Fake it until you make it” is a popular phrase that can be found in all sorts of books, classes, and courses dating hundreds of years back. There is power in this phrase because the longer you visualize as if what you desire is here, and the more disciplined you are not to change your mind or to switch your focus, eventually you WILL believe it to be true.

-- AND … the moment that happens, is the moment you realize that influencing or changing others is often no requirement at all, simply because they’ll be perfect for you without you having to change a thing about them.

The same goes for being wealthy. You may have a “way” you think it should be, but you can allow it to be so much easier for you if you just let your subconscious mind figure it out for you!

-- Now let me ask you…

What If You Could
Believe Anything?

The subconscious mind is powerful. It just does what it is told to do -- if you know how to do it the right way.

What it believes to be true is what becomes true for you whether it’s a new or old belief.

Belief is the “real” secret to manifestation!

For example, if your subconscious believes you are a millionaire, you are one. If currently you’re not one, you become one to align with that belief.

-- BUT! … BUT! ...BUT!!! One might say, “I am not that so how could I possibly believe it?”


The “Sneaky” Reason Why
I Wrote This Report

Here’s what I can show you;

I’ve uncovered a newly developed technique that allows you to plant any suggestion you want into the subconscious mind in less than 5-minutes.

When that happens, your subconscious mind instantly begins to believe it. After that, the belief begins to manifest automatically whether you want to consciously think about it or not.

That means you can change any belief -- no matter how long you’ve had it within 5-minutes or less. You can implant any “new” belief you want to manifest as yours as well. That means more wealth, better health, more fulfilling relationships, and a whole heck of a lot more success -- in minutes!

I also quickly uncover the common pitfalls to most “positive thinking” and new age “law of attraction” stuff that do more harm than good and the mistakes you’re now making that, like most people who don’t know how the mind relates to what you do or don't get to have, be, or do, are interfering with you getting anything you desire.

Just understanding what these roadblocks are and how to communicate to your subconscious -- even if you struggle with bad habits, lack, and frustration, can increase your ability to get what you want by 50% overnight.

Even more important, I can show you how to increase the magnetic power of your desires so you can manifest it quickly … money, relationships, skills, better health, more power to a point that overnight, again, you can see double, triple, and even quadruple the results you get.

I created a short step-by-step video series explaining all the details about exactly how you can do it that you can check out right now if you like.

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The choice is yours.

Watch it. You won't regret it.


Nathan Blaszak, Cht.

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"Hey Nathan... I couldn't wait to read / listen to your report, because I know that what you say is solid !! I believe you when you say ' we're already there' its just the 'knowing that' which seems to be absent. For this priceless secret I would pay 'large' .. as you can't really put a price on this kind of freedom. I think you just rock for making this complementary. Thanks so much."



"Nathan you have certainly gotten my attention.I have been very pleased with your obvious experience and professional commitmentto providing the most up to date and cutting edge information...thank you."

- Richard


"Hi. As a member I am lucky enough to have a portion of this juicy info and it has really opened my eyes to pursuasion and the best way it can be done-in all situations im in. The reason Nathan get's hounded for what he knows is because...when practised and applyed..it GETS results! the results that anyone could possibly ever want! thanx" 

- Dan Glatter, London


Nathan, I just love you. You're so fun to listen to and you crack me up. I think you should lay it all on the line, and give it to us. I would love to learn how to get money using your strategies, and we all know (at least I do) that you know information that will benefit everyone, so please, do tell!

- Helen Price


Seems very interesting, even tantalizing... And I suppose I should dissect your own proposal in which you clearly use your formula, te get the receipe. 
But why do again and for myself, what you have already done for others. 

- Martin Eden from Paris France 


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