-The Hypnosis Letter-
By, Nathan Blaszak
Life Tricks Inc.
Lake City, MI 49651

Dear Friend,

I have no idea how you made it to this part of my web site.

Maybe a friend told you about it. Maybe you stumbled upon it by accident. Maybe it showed up on the search engines or fumbled your way through my site to find it.

Who knows?

In any case, you’re here now so keep reading, and see why it can help you to get a better perspective on hypnotic persuasion and influence.

Plus, everything from this page forward will be free to you. The truth is, I have thousands of pages of written material on covert hypnosis, self-improvement, hypnosis and so on -- all of which I have created, and I’m posting them on this part of my site free of charge as time permits.

Why would I just GIVE my secrets of hypnotic seduction, selling, and self-improvement away?

It’s simple, really. I strongly believe that that you have to give in order to receive.

This way, when you want to learn more, you can check your bookmarks to come back and visit this page often.

Now, as you continue to read through my letters, you’ll find out that I truly am the world’s greatest covert hypnotist and why this site is growing in popularity.


Because this web site says so.


 I’m sure you’ll find my articles helpful but a word of warning: if you’re offended by an occasional “cuss word”, then you probably won’t want to read another word. Get the hell out of here.

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I won’t sell, rent or lease your name or e-mail to anyone, anytime. I HATE spam too.

With all that said, enjoy reading my letters and if you have any questions, I’m only an e-mail or phone call away.


Nathan Blaszak

P. S. Don’t even think about leaving without reading my articles.